Salvador and Bahia are waiting for you!

Salvador da Bahia, land of happiness!

This is the phrase that better states our city Salvador and our state Bahia. It's a place of happy and vibrant people. People who, even without money in the pocket or food on the table, always carry out a frank smile on their face. This happiness, for being so sincere, infects who arrives and saddens who goes away.

Salvador (officially São Salvador) is the capital of Bahia and the third biggest city of Brazil in number of inhabitants with almost 2,8 million. Salvador is situated between the Bay of All Saints (Baía de Todos os Santos), the biggest bay of Brazil with several islands and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a great, vibrant city, with multiple faces and an enormous variety in neighbourhoods and landscapes.


Bahia, happy land, that thanks to the mixtures of races, offers a unique and fascinating melting pot of cultures. Let's discover its cooking art, its religions, its dances, its music, literature, architecture and culture in general.

Bahia, beautifull land that, thanks to its geographic diversity, offers exotic and splendid landscapes. Go visit its beaches, its historical cities, its hills and mountains, its rivers, its waterfalls, its "sertão" (half dry hinterland) and the great variety of flora and fauna that you will be able to admire here.

A chapter on the city of Salvador can not start better than with the Historical Center, a unique and gorgeous architectural complex of old houses and manor-houses in colonial style, churches, squares, monuments, belvedere’s and narrow streets paved with cobblestones, registered and protected by UNESCO as World Heritage Site, also affectionately called as Pelourinho.

But there is much more, take a look at the Excursions and Services in Salvador and surroundings that you can make in Salvador and surroundings to make your visit an unforgettable experience!

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