Coconut Coast and Praia do Forte















On this tour you will first have a sight seeing drive along the beaches of Salvador on the Atlantic Ocean. Then we take the Coconut Road in the direction of the most beautiful beaches of Bahia to the north of the city along the Coconut Coast. The road follows the coast and offers splendid views on dunes, lagoons and the Ocean itself, sovereign green and blue. Our final destination is Praia do Forte, a former fisherman village and, now, the most important touristic destination. We visit the TAMAR Project that protects the five species of sea turtles that reproduce here along the coast, where you can see these huge and ancient reptiles just in front of you. Another possibility is to visit the ancient and mysterious Fort of Garcia D'Ávila, build on top of a hill with a panoramic view on the coastline. Of course, the village offers you a great choice of cosy restaurants with delicious local dishes and, if you want, of tropical sunny beaches where you can get into the real Bahian mood!