Recôncavo and Cachoeira

On this tour you will get to know the region that lies around the Bay of All Saints, called the Recôncavo, and our final destination is the historical city of Cachoeira, at 110 km from Salvador. This region is the African inland, sometimes called "black Bahia", where the first sugar cane plantations appeared and the first slaves, imported from black Africa, were put to work in big numbers. We visit the big and busy local market of Santo Amaro, the first city that we cross after a 70 km ride passing by the suburbs of Salvador and the fields for agriculture and cattle breeding along the highway BR-324. After Santo Amaro, we take the road up to Cachoeira, that lies majestically in the valley of the Paraguaçu River. We visit this colonial city walking through the picturesque streets with its old houses and churches. There will be time for lunch, that could be in the old Convent of Carmelites. In the afternoon we visit the cigar factory of Dannemann (only on week days and not on holidays) where the famous top class cigars are still hand rolled.