Recôncavo Quilombo Tour

In this tour you are going to know a “Quilombo”, a settlement established by runaway slaves, and experience the hard but peaceful life of the “quilombolas”, the people that live those communities. The quilombo we visit is located in the Recôncavo, the area that surrounds the Bay of All Saints (Bahia de Todos os Santos), at about 100 km form Salvador.

Restaurant at the Quilombo.

At arrival you will receive a warm welcome from a group of representatives of the quilombo dressed in traditional clothes. Soon they will share with you the reality and spirit of the life in the quilombo with its strong African influences. They will take you for a animated walk through the woodland to reach the principal settlement. Here we will have a delicious lunch prepared in the authentic quilombo way. You are going to participate in the production of dendê (palmoil), farinha de mandioca (cassava or yucca flour) and traditional medicinal syrups.

This tour is a real authentic and unforgettable experience! 

The daily life at the Quilombo.