Salvador African Tour

This tour will let you discover the strong influence of the African culture on the local culture of Bahia that is entirely founded on the African religion, the Candomblé.

We visit the House of Yemanja in the neighborhood of Rio Vermelho, where fishermen worship their Goddess of the Sea.

We visit the Dique de Tororó, a dam with reservoir, with its majestic big statues of the most important “Orixás”, the most common name given to the African gods, that will serve as an introduction to the Candomblé and its roots.

A visit to one of the most famous "terreiros" of Candomblé , sacred place where followers organise their ceremonies, is also included. This is an excellent opportunity to explore more deeply the appeal and magic of this religion.

We visit the Church of Bonfim, the most famous catholic temple of Salvador because of devotion, but also at the same time adored by the adepts of Candomblé through the sincretism!

There will be time for a delicious and typical lunch in a excellent local restaurant.

The tour continues to the Market of São Joaquim, vibrant and biggest open market of the city where you can buy all you need to organise a real cerimony of Candomblé.

Finally, the tour goes to the Historic Center where the gallery of Pierre Verger and the Afro-Brazilian Museum will give the final touch to this "trip" to Africa ... in Brazil!