Salvador Social Tour

This tour is going to take you to popular neighbourhoods that are not known to tourists, but where the majority of the inhabitants of Salvador live. It are “off the beaten path” places where other travel agencies do not take their clients, but where you are going to know and experience a totally different and fascinating Brazil.

You will love the warm reception by the local and modest population and feel the energy and social awareness the people emanate. We visit a recycling project of disposables, which offers, besides protection to the environment, a decent job and income to members of the community. From there the tour continues to a community school where children from less affluent families receive quality education almost for free. Finally, we visit a Cultural Center for young people and if the tour is in the afternoon a Percussion School.

This tour can only be organized during the week and when regular schools are open! So, before booking this tour, contact us so that we can check if the school will be open on the date you want to take the tour!

The street vendor of sugar cane juice.